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All breeding stock has current hip and eye certificates. Sometimes Komondors are known as mop dogs. The Pumi gets its origins from the Puli, an ancient sheepherding breed brought to Hungary by the Magyars about a thousand years ago.During the 17th and 18th centuries, foreign herder and terrier breeds were mixed with the Puli, and the result was the smaller more agile dog we know today as the Pumi. We started our kennel with 3 dogs:Vizsla Villa Kormos (Canadian born black sire);Cseri-Subas Cuki (black dam imported from Hungary) and Ludas Matyi Dézi (black dam imported from Hungary) As breeders we are constantly striving to produce the best quality Puli. These are namely: Puli, pumi, komondor, kuvasz, mudi, vizsla, wirehaired vizsla, Hungarian greyhound and the Transylvanian hound. Puli Size. Pulis are the ultimate sheep herding dog. Puli is a medium to small sized dog breed that originated in Hungary. The early dogs varied widely in type and are the progenitors of the Puli, Komondor, Kuvasz and Tibetan Terrier. It was love at first sight! Another translation of the word Puli means "leader" in Hungarian. Puli puppies for sale, Puli local dog breeders. Produced twice a year, The Cordlet's content reflects all aspects of the Club'smembership: show results, health issues, news and views of members, club activities, fun stuff and pet articles. With their love for Pulis, they have decided to breed and train these small and lovable puppies. The Hungarian Puli comes from (no surprise here) Hungary. The Puli, also known as the Pulik crossed the plains into Hungary with the Magyards a few thousand years ago when they were commonly used as sheep dogs. .. Country/Region of Origin: Hungary. Let’s learn a bit about the Hungarian puli! Its unique appearance and legendary nature makes it attractive for foreign dog-lovers as well. The Puli is an ancient Herding dog, from Hungary, introduced by the migration of the Magyars from Central Asia more than 1,000 years ago. A close Puli ancestor may have existed 6,000 years ago, though the ultimate origins of the breed are uncertain. Origin. The average Puli life-span is about 12-14 years. C onsidered the national treasure of Hungary, the Puli was first brought to that country from central Asia by invading Magyars in the 800s A.D. Nomadic Hungarian shepherds valued these dogs so much it was not uncommon for them to pay as much as a year’s salary for a Puli.. A lucky few owners have Pulik that live happy and healthy lives up to 16 years. Dogs like the Puli were brought to Hungary by the Magyar invaders. We currently have no puli puppy for sale. These dogs are playful, smart, sensitive, and incredibly hardworking. See more ideas about puli, puli dog, hungarian dog. Gabi is the 2013 HPCA National Specialty Best of Breed winner and in 2012 was Winners Bitch and Best of Winners. The Puli is thought to be the oldest, established in what is now Hungary around a.d. 800. Puli has an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years. Filter by Location Below. Intrigued, we went and saw a group of pulis at a local dog show, and our love affair with the breed was born! Just as the Puli survived the harsh plains of Hungary, he beat the odds and, after the war, the number of Pulik in Hungary grew. Find a Puli breeder. This is quite a well-known Puli breeding camp in America. My dogs are raised on a working farm in the Yarra Valley in a family environment with children and a variety of livestock. El Puli se conoce en Hungría desde hace al menos 1.000 years. Szentmihalyi is St. Michael the Arc Angel. They've been herding sheep for millennia, and legends tell of the breed being at least 6,500 years old … They were bred to be their sole companion and workmate during the long days and months of isolation on the grazing lands of the vast Hungarian Plain. Known in Hungary since the Magyar invasion of the 10th century, the Puli has been part of the lives of the Hungarian shepherds for more than a thousand years. Share The Puli coat is unique to the dog world. We are committed to uphold the AKC Breed … Continue reading "Home" The Puli was used mainly for driving and herding flocks, while the larger Hungarian breed, the Komondor, was used as a guardian for flocks. We are very proud that dogs from our kennel have become the foundation stock of several other Puli breeders, and have been incorporated into the bloodlines of many of North America's top winning Puli kennels. Displaying 1 - 20 of 30 Hungarian Puli Breeders . History. Puli Breeders Australia. Developed for herding and guarding of livestock. And we truly feel our 3 pulik are angels from Hungary, and named our Kennel Angel House or Angyal Haz. Hungarian Pulik, the plural of Puli, are an ancient breed of herding dog known for their distinct coat, incredibly high intelligence, tireless work ethic and instinctual herding skills. Did you know that one of the most famous puli-owners is Mark Zuckerberg? The following breeders are the places to go when you want to buy high quality Puli puppies: 1. The Puli were used for both herding and guarding livestock. Used as sheepdogs in Hungary along side the larger Komondor, the Puli was the smaller dog and would round up the strays while the Komondor stood guard. Since then, genetics have also been added from amongst the best breeders in Hungary. Working dog Medium dog Hungary Zobraki Koms Mrs J Ferrigan Blairadam Fife. They originated in Hungary and developed as a guarding dog for livestock. Coat Length Corded Wooly. We are located in the peaceful countryside of the Middletown-Myersville region in Frederick County Maryland. It is believed that Sumerians used Puli-type dogs to herd sheep thousands of years ago. Darker-coated dogs guarded flocks during the day, while lighter-coated dogs guarded at night. Filter by Location Below. The outer and undercoat of the Puli … It is a small-sized dog breed at about 14 to 18 inches tall, weighing anywhere between 22 to 33 pounds. Source: Wikipedia. Our aim is to breed healthy, happy Pulis that maintain the unique appearance, breed type and personality that have made this breed a treasured sheepdog and companion. This is something most dog owners already know, of course. We acquired our first puli in 1988 and imported two female puppies from Hungary that same year. Hungarian Puli. UPCOMING PULI LITTERS: We are well known for our whitest white, healthy and conformationally sound Pulik with great disposition. We are dedicated to the betterment of the Puli breed and the breeders before us who have produced these bloodlines.

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