lg ice maker troubleshooting

My water inlet valve is a single solenoid, I believe the replacement model is LG AP4451762 Refrigerator Water Inlet. I am not sure if it will help, but anyway… 1. After reinstalling the ice machine/housing, and resetting the ice machine w/ the paper clip, I could hear and see that water was filling the tray, but after days, the water wasn’t freezing. When it shows FULL with empty ice bin, something wrong with these sensors. Don’t know if it’s fixable or just a horrible design. We have the LFCS27596S. Are you sure water coming from the dispenser when ice maker filling up? Ice make will not work I tried the on off switch nothing. Any ideas? Currenly i removed the ice maker assembly put some warm water over the cube former and dislodge the stuck cubes (every cube in the cube former). Remove lower shelf on that door and behind shelf there is a screw, remove it and you will have access to the inlet valve in the left door. What Should You Do? Do you think it’s a sensor or the control board? We have to dump it, turn it off and get the ice surrounding the bin out and let it dry for a bit. The ice maker does not make enough ice. Finally got a replacement ice maker unit. when it is activated and what should the Solenoid Coil Ohms read with No Power. Many parts also have a video showing step-by-step how to fix the "Ice maker not making ice" problem for LG LSC27925ST. Hi TRacy, maybe try to decrease water pressure to the fridge? a little update: The ice did come out but put only 4 or 5 pieces in the last 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your help. I replaced cover. Thanks for any help you can give us! Hi Eugene, I have the same problem with my ice maker. If ice cubes frozen together: 1. The lever on the side, I am not sure how hard you are to push the lever down.. thanks. I cant seem to find it. Is their a way to replace the magnet? TURN THE ICE MAKER ON: Is the ice maker power switch (or … Fridge is under warranty. There are two styles of LG refrigerator ice makers. What do you think the remedy could be? Ice maker making ice as it should. I hear it running…. My Fridge just stopped working yesterday. When we press up on the left side of the ice tray it stops and settles back into the correct position. Parts replacements are water valve, water filter and new ice maker. I’m lost for a fix at this point. Has anyone had any response from LG? While waiting for the visit, LG’s infamous linear compressor died so definitely needed someone! Thank you for your service! It is a blue wire coming from the main board and dives into the left door hollow hinge. I’ve had this happen twice on my LG. You need to take ice maker out and see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken. What about light? Any answers???????. Yes, if you found a little bit of water in the tray, something wrong with the water line or fill tube or inlet valve. Can’t find the reset button. Because the control board allows the ice maker to work in automatic mode. I can’t figure out where/how to order it. Please visit our Error Codes - Refrigerator article to resolve the error code. Clean ice maker bottom compartment from the ice and turn water tap OFF for 3-4 days or more(usually behind the fridge) to see if any ice occur in there. Nah, mine’s the kind with the hole where I push in a paper clip to reset. LG fridge might come with 2 inlet valves, one on the back of the fridge, another one inside the left door. Ice maker is in the door. LG ice maker troubleshooting reset. I have a noise that sounds like a woodpecker inside the icemaker area? “2. Very much appreciated. What do you think? Hi Pat, check the temp inside ice maker with a fridge thermometer, you can get it in Walmart for 5$. Thanks in advance for any help! Woke up to no ice. It does not stop when the ice holder is full and keeps on going. After we replced the board it still codes we unplug and reset-and ice-maker works for a few days then codes again. Ice maker fan in the freezer failed? First try to reset power for 5 minutes. I did the test and it filled. Installed in 15 minutes. The condenser was replaced less than 18mths ago. Maybe inlet valve clogged or just wait until temp settle in the ice maker and try to reset again. Upon running the test it appears that water is leaking down the back of the compartment as it is filling the tray. Fridge is level and seals are good and tight. Can that be cleaned out or just put on a new valve on and be done with it? At end of that test, it squirts water on the floor again. Hi Debbie, dealing with LG ice makers not an easy task . Hello, and thanks in advance for your help. However, a few weeks ago, the ice flapper got stuck in the open position when a cube got stuck. Thx. My ice machine is only filling half the ice tray. Eugene please help. I turned off the icemaker and tried using a hair dryer to get rid of the ice. So my thought is a shorted wire where it goes into the door. After that no more ice making. You need to apply magnet to simulate door closed and feel if cold air coming out from the vents (see the ice maker on the right side). My icemaker makes plenty of ice but it does not dispense the ice. I measured ice maker compartment temp, its not cold as freezer, assume it is the ice maker fan not working, order parts and replace the fan, used multi meter check the old ice maker fan is not working. -20C is -4F, and -4F is what LG says on their web site for minimum recommended temperature for ice making. The test button is underneath. Common Ice Maker Problems. The co replaced the ice maker which I didn’t think was the problem and we turn the ice plus on constantly and it still doesn’t make enough ice. What ice was there came out and it refilled correctly. Hi Beth, try to pour some water from ice maker side, to see if icemaker dispenser shut closed properly. Water pressure is also good. Have to de-ice the to get water flow. If so, the ice maker reverts to a timed fill. If its running but still not cooling, then compressor is failed (most likely). Important: If all components mentioned above in the article are ok and ice maker working ONLY when you press RESET button (ice maker should make a full turn and not making ice in automatic after that), then there is a problem with the main control board or optical sensors on the ice maker. The fan was blowing fine on to the coil. Thank you! Water pressure is good and temp in the compartment is good. Hi Steve, in order to see where door magnet located, just look from the top down on the door. SO you need to check valve as well for the continuity. And yes, inlet valve can be partially clogged by calcium deposits. Kenmore elite/ LG purchased in early 2013. Any help would be appreciated. I have a LG LFX28968, The ice maker makes I ice just fine. Hi Eugene, I want to say thank you very much. I am now letting it dry with plans to reconnect to see if this solves it, but am not optimistic that this is a definitive solution, but merely a temporary one until the cubes get stuck to the former again. So it doesn’t produce ice automatically because it doesn’t fill with water unless the door is open. My issue is the ice machine doesn’t make ice. Thank you. I have a side by side LG fridge. -2°F or -20°C is the recommended temperature setting for normal ice production. OK so I have now replaced both water inlet valves, and still no luck. But from the other side, inlet valve also can fail electrically or mechanically and not allowing water to flow. Test button on ice maker works but no water at end. its a problem with the compressor or with a sealed system. After that you need to check heater and defrost thremostat for continuity. This is a picture of back panel in the freezer compartment with evaporator and ice maker fans. The auger motor neutral wire has connectivity to the two water valves that separately feed the water in the door and ice maker. I pulled the icemaker out and made sure it was clean and then left it out overnight to see if moisture had gotten into any of the mechanicals. It will spin for 15 minutes or so. Water filter is newly replaced. maybe this video will help you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arJpFgMnvPY&t=, I have a LG ice maker with the on off switch. Ice fill tube is freezing again and again. Could that have anything to do with it? Some goes into the ice bin causing the ice to clump, and some goes down the right side and freezes under the bin. The Water Filter. With all functions of the ice maker working when I press the test button I was leaning towards control board. Mostly love it except the gets finger prints easily! Hi Jodi, for me it sounds like ice maker trying to turn the tray, but not able to. I’m really baffled. This model has an auto feeler arm, but I don’t know if it works. Troubleshooting done: Temp setting at 33 fridge, -1 freezer. If ice maker not getting enough water: 1. How kind to help so many who are challenged with fridge whether your job or volunteer. Wanted to let you know our LG refrigerator is FINALLY working as of yesterday! Thank you, Eugene, After replacing the ice maker, it worked well for about 4 days then stopped producing. Hi Gerald, as long as it keeps working once you cleaned it, I think the problem not with the control module and not with moisture. Next steps would be the evaporator fan for possible rent, but clueless as to how the ice machine could be working up until I removed the unit…. I have already had a technician come out and replaced the Board. I have the ice machine where the paper clip is needed which I didn’t know what that was for until reading here. Thanks in advance! Sometimes it will produce 3 or 4 ice cubes, but that’s it. We have the same problem. Top Reasons Why Gas Smell Coming From The Oven When Preheating. Thanks for the guidance! Doesn’t sit and freeze. I even turned the ice machine off from the front panel (it doesn’t have an on/off switch on the machine itself), and the arms were still moving for a while. It makes the noise it always has made when pumping the water up to the ice tray. If I press and hold the reset button the ice will dump into the tray and refill with water but then won’t dump the ice on its own. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. Control Board? ice maker will turn off (stop making ice) once it filled with ice cubes to a certain point. Also check ice maker fan in the freezer compartment to make sure its working. It does not however release the ice into the tray automatically. Anything else I can try before replacing AEQ73130004? Hi Brandon, never heard about this issue before. This procedure will reset the ice maker. You will see locking tabs is worn out and not keep the lever in place. UPDATE: This is how ice maker works when releasing ice cubes and it’s normal to twist ice tray. I traced the problem to the neutral wire. thank you for your help. If yes, then the problem with the ice maker itself. I try the ice sensor test of holding the refrigerator and lock button at the same time. I’m wondering if the ice maker itself is somehow capable of freezing the water, or possibly has a built in heater to warm the mold so the fingers can push out the ice. Hi Jason, seems like the problem with ice-maker not with a control board. So, when you press dispense button is anything happening during 10 seconds? Maybe the inlet valve not fully closed, due to deposit build up and thats why is sipping water? Tried ice plus feature NOPE, reset times NOPE, jacked with the freezer temp. When you open the door ice falls out to the floor. I tried the reset button. Once the water had frozen, the ice maker still does not eject the cubes. We have a replacement filter ordered. i just installed a new one. Because if the temp in the freezer noticeably high than it should be, ice maker will not work at all. All doors closing fine. As Jodi mentioned a few months ago… Jodi, ” noise that sounds like a woodpecker that last 20 seconds ” All is clear and no ice buildup. I checked what appear to be vents inside the freezer and they look clear, no ice buildup. Correct, it doesn’t keep the temp in the ice maker, because it doesn’t keep the temp in the fridge or the freezer. Thanks. One of the reasons is malfunctioned ice maker fan, which is located in the freezer compartment. I have replaced filter but waited till last month to unplug and finally empty out entire fridge, waiting thinking something was clogging lines. Took your suggestion and brought in a technician. Thanks again for your help. Thanks for your reply Eugene. It will not dump the ice. At least the water dispenser works fine. I thank you in advance for your help. Hi Gale, check ice dispenser flapper, to make sure it properly sealed once not in use. Tried the test button again, no movement, no water. Tried the paper clip test and nothing. for me it sounds like inlet valve partially clogged with calcium deposit. Regarding defrost cycle, it can be defrost temp sensor as well, it depends on the model of the fridge. Do you have water in your water dispenser? New ice maker. Hi Eugene, I read all of these comments and they are similar but I am not sure. The most common reasons for ice maker problems are: Pause feature enabled; Water line malfunction or setting; Clogged filter I have contacted LG with ZERO help even though it is still in warranty. Which of the following are you experiencing? Changed Both filters (water & air). Also if you have anything on how to replace I would sure appreciate it. Hi Gary, as long as we don’t know which one goes to the ice maker, the easiest way to check if inlet valve on the back “belongs” to the ice maker, is to use multimeter and to see that this valve is NOT getting power when you press water dispenser lever. Any thoughts? The motor labors at that point and then goes back. This is the optic sensor. What do I do? What is the temp in the fridge? How do I replace micro switch? Our ice maker is spewing out white dust when dispensing ice. I’m facing the same issue. Thanks. The Ice maker in the refrigerator door seems to work fine. Water comes out of the water dispenser properly. Eugene, I am having the same problem as Michael has. I will try to replace that one. Our LG LFX26974ST will have trouble making ice when the weather gets warm and humid. Seems like icetray overfilling for some reason. We apologize for this inconvenience. when the tray filled in test mode, did not spray all over. We used to have a full bin all the time, but now it’s always empty because we use it. Thank you. Using a magnet to simulate closed door, I get 8 degrees of cold air with enough fan pressure to easily get to the ice room. I am having the same issue. I also tested both sides of the water valve without the tubes connected just to see what would happen. I confirmed water is getting to the small reservoir inside the left door but will not pass through inlet valve next to it. What is the temp inside ice maker compartment? LG Repair Service Center Locator: Find an LG Authorized Service Center near you to consult with our product experts and technicians. The so the lights on the front panel come on and the lights inside go on and off. Is this what you asking? So press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until the arm starts to turn. At least I didn’t see it, Hello, I have the same problem as Leo. Hi – My ice maker makes a loud knocking sound. The recommended temperature of the freezer is -4 degrees F, which is exactly -20 degrees Celsius. The ice sensor test indicates empty so they are OK. No sure what is the logic that prevents water to flow to the ice maker. But if your refrigerator works more than 24 hours, in this case, every 2-3 hours ice maker will produce new ice cubes. Everything looks installed properly. If ‘gF’ displays on the control panel, service is required. I don’t know Jared.. Here are the most common reasons your LG refrigerator's ice dispenser isn't working - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. Is there a procedure to diagnose it? Check for ice or frost buildup at the air vents to the In-Door Icemaker Compartment: If ice or frost is present, this indicates that the door is not aligned properly. I have LG Model LMX5307765/03 – I notices water at the bottom of the left-hand French door and on the lip of the middle pull out drawer. We have an LG French door refrigerator that has an ice machine in the door and one in the bottom refresher. Thank you! Hi I have a same problem. Hi, When I use a paper clip to push the reset button the ice maker just keeps spinning and spinning. Have replaced water inlet valve makes ice correctly for 1-3 days then freezes again. Tray works and reset works. LG recommends that the ice maker get a firm but gentle shake a few times before replacing the bin and powering the unit off for 30 seconds. The way how it looks on the picture THATS NORMAL. Freezer is -8 degrees—-if I use a magnet to simulate closed door, air going thru chute from freezer to ice maker is very cold—ice maker fills with water and it spins and empties out water, problem is it’s only 53 degrees in ice maker compartment so I never get any ice, Ice maker fan in the freezer failed, i guess, I have what seems to be the same problem… water is getting there but it isnt freezing…. Will not fill with water unless the door is open. Sorry. Having the same issue. My LG ice maker is making ice but it gets clogged at opening coming out and won’t dispense the ice. Hi Eugene, I see where the upload is, but I can’t figure out how to download it. let say from 0F to -5F, Was -6F. if coils electrically ok, then pull the fridge out and reset ice maker. Any ideas or additional part I would have to check, reset or replace?. Also check fan in the freezer which blows cold air to the ice maker. Thoughts? Do you think we should try a new motor? Tried test switch nothing. Eugene, I have water leaking from the bottom of my left French door on my LG LFXS26596S refrigerator. The latch on the door to the ice maker compartment broke and we need to get a new door. Make sure it is turned on. Eugene, I tried the test button and the ice maker did not cycle. We just got back to our house after being away for about a month. 795.72052.112. We have been unable to get an LG service person to our area. Any thoughts? Eugene, Yes, it beeps and then nothing happens. LMXS30776S/00 Fridge. It’s like the computer is tellOmg the water dispenser to dispense water instead of having the water go directly into the ice maker. Have an LG25760 ST – Stopped making water a while ago, and the unit was only making clicking noises – Tried resets and eventually tried resetting the gears based on youtube video, but still no ice. Thanks for the picture, that’s what mine looks like…..I’ll keep an eye on it as well as the water drip, perhaps a cube or two got away from the bucket itself. Hi Greg, the temperature sensor sends readings to the control board and the control board “decides” when to turn ON/OFF compressor. We had the technician here and he said everything is fine. An ice maker can stop working for a variety of reasons. Respectfully Submitted, Hi Chuck, of course its AC power and it should be 120V AC. In order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. Yeah. I even lowered my temperature and I had three days of making ice and now it’s back to the ice cube tray not dropping ice cubes i’m just getting water poured into my ice bucket. I did unplug the unit for 30 seconds and I reset the ice machine. Very difficult to find the reset button or pin hole. I also noticed that the ice plus function doesn’t appear to be working- I used to hear a fan kick in when I pressed it but no longer hear it. Reset button will cycle icetray but will not refill. Ice makers are a convenient feature for any refrigerator, providing you ice when you need it rather that filling up needed space in your freezer with ice … Model # is LFC24770ST. Is that an easy job? Thanks, Is there a thermostat inside the ice maker to determine when water becomes ice? It seems like the ice cube tray has ice cubes in it snd sometimes it works and I have ice cubes in my bucket and other time water just pours into my bucket and then I just end up with one big frozen block. LG Refrigerator LFX31945ST Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the 2nd most common symptom for LG LFX31945ST. Wish there was someway I can buy you a cup of coffee to thank you. I can send you a link for the icamaker. Make sure that the ice maker was turned on. So I left the line disconnected from the inlet valve and ran a test cycle of the ice maker. The fans that push the cold air into the ice bin, freeze up and it will not freeze the ice. I have water at my water dispense.When I replaced the water fill valve in the door, I was able to blow on the line from the valve up to the ice maker and it seemed clear. It requires some troubleshooting, to figure out which part is failed or maybe just clogged. I dont think its problem with that control board… For me it sounds like wiring issue. Ensure that the water line is connected. LG.com utilizes responsive design to provide a convenient experience that conforms to your devices screen size. My water dispenser is working, but my Ice maker is not. I should note that my water inlet valve only has one tube coming from it, so I’m not entirely sure how that works. My question: Do you think it’s a circuit board problem, or ice maker problem? The last time I reset it, it made one batch of ice and stopped. Suspect heater wire is the culprit. Neither is making ice. You can see diagram for your fridge here. Hi there; We have a 2year old LG. Suggestions? Please help, Hello Elizabeth. An 8 degree difference based on -4 to +4F will make a huge difference, and according to LG +4 won’t work well at all. made the first batch after i thawed plastic internal line but it froze again right away. Your thoughths? The leak is coming from around the plastic inlet housing and pouring down the back of the fridge whenever the lower ice tray valve energizes. I have LG model LFC25776ST/00, the ice maker is not working. I have the ice maker without a switch and am getting a small icicle right at the 90 of the little metal bar. During height of the Pandemic ice maker quit working. Ice level arm moves freely, same with door switch. So, new inlet valve works on the water dispenser side, ice maker itself works, line clear. Error Code Er 1F (On refrigerator Er & On Freezer 1F). How do I clear it?? Do you have or know of any videos or other information on how to get to and replace the inlet valve in the door? Working through the recommended tests and the questions posted here leave me with a couple questions. I have also turned off the power button/back on, the icemaker, removed the drawer. If so—-maybe the heat don’t go off. My issue is we reset the button and I at filled with water but does not freeze. I can hear the beep sound, but the tray doesn’t move. Hi Phil, this is what i would do: first, check if icemaker getting power and a second one try to change inlet valve. I have to push reset button on the ice maker to release. Water pressure over 120 PSI can cause the ice maker to freeze up. Checking to make sure air flow is not obstructed etc. Hi Alan, maybe inlet valve sipping water when its OFF? Notice freezer NOT freezing food, half frozen. i have a lg lrfd25850ww ref and ice maker stop woking. Put it back in and worked great for a couple months again. My water dispenser is working fine but my ice maker is not producing ice because it is not getting any water. This website was created with a purpose to help our visitors to find proper information about appliance and home repairs. Why is Clothes Dryer Won’t Start or Has No Power? I replaced it with a new ice maker…same thing, pushed the test button and nothing. Correction I do here a click. When I take out the ice maker unit and defrost it, then replace it it makes ice for a few cycles. If you would post that would help me immensely. Thank you! Note that up to the point of removing the ice machine/housing to scrape off the calcium build-up in the intake valve, the machine was producing ice. Your advice? Great article. What a nightmare. Same goes for washing machines. When ice tray will make full turn, does it fill with water? Thanks for the heads up about the test switch. Set for -1. It has somehow come loose from wherever it terminates inside the door or is broken. The “door” won’t open but I can open it by hand. You are doing a good thing here. Should I replace ice maker or board first? The freezer itself appears to be working fine otherwise. I have seen what looks like an icicle hanging from the mechanism. Get Help OnlineOur Technicians Are Always Online and Ready To Help You“How To Fix Your Broken Appliance”. And if the door is left open the alarm goes off. but it only makes one tray and that’s it. Every once and awhile it will randomly fill with water and make a bit of ice. Ice maker worked great for first 2 years. My LG fridge is only 5 years old! It appears that there is ice blocking the passage between the bin and the flapper. No water is in my ice tray now. Seems like microswitch failed. Can you help with my LG Refrigerator issue? I have a problem every spring/summer when the humidity rises, the ice maker stops making ice. Sadly temp in ice room still 53 degrees. Glenn, if the ice maker is bad, it will not send a signal to the inlet valve to open, so water will not flow through fill tube. I did a diagnostic via the smart app and it’s showing that the ice bucket is full… when it is completely empty. Your fridge have 2 inlet valves. My issue with fridge, French door LGLMXS30776S/01, purchased 2015. New filter, plenty of pressure, drinking water dispenser works fine, but no water comes out of the icemaker fill tube. Any suggestions? When the ice cubes freeze, they get too thick for the motor to flex the tray to drop the cubes. Is this a problem with the ice maker or just something these LG fridges do? Let it sit for about 5 hours. In the last 6 months it seems to get stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly. Any sound? I would check how much ice maker cost, but the model number is not correct. Our icemaker is the model with the power switch and it makes the ice ok for probably 3 months then will stop dumping from the tray. I would like to help you but its a hard one, because you already checked everything.And I don’t think its a control board failure. I have used a hair dryer to thaw out, and after that, the ice maker works for at most 2 trays. To check, press and hold the ‘ICE PLUS and FREEZER TEMP buttons at the same time. Water is coming through the water dispenser. You need to check them both. I feel that whatever regulates these temp’s are not functioning properly or could it be the compressor isn’t putting out enough? Nothing happened. Or maybe there is something wrong with the water tube insulation, Hi, I have a different problem, mine makes Ice fine, but leaks water on the right of the unit. What could be causing this? Ft. Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator with Craft Ice”) which has been leaking from the rear of the unit, right where the orange water line (from the lower ice tray water line valve) enters the back of the unit thru what appears to be a plastic inlet housing with an embedded black rubber seal. Make sure the control board will fit with your model of the fridge !!! Now water runs out the back of the unit on to kitchen floor instead of filling lower ice maker in the freezer. If it will not help, pull the fridge, remove back bottom cover and check if compressor is running. Your fridge has 2 inlet valves, which one did you replaced? I think it’s a leak, but where? to I have the LG inverter linear french door fridge/freezer. The side with the InstaView does not. LOL but not really…. Hi I have a lg French door ice maker problem Model lfxc22526s00 It’s 1.5 years old and the ice cub tray is cracked up and leaking , Probably from twisting as it does to release the ice cubes from the tray however I’ve called different sources and they want to sell me the whole complete unit for over $300 is there anyway I can get just the ice cube tray?? (GMT -05:00, United States of America local time) Hi Carrie, just turn the power off for some time to the fridge to let it defrost by itself. Water in, will not become ice completely, tray will turn and dump water. Maybe motor assembly somehow frozen inside and not able to turn mechanism? I have LFX25979ST – the motor crapped out and of course there was no markings on the old one. Ice makers receive water through a small water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe, funnel, or a water filter. Without filter or when the filter installed not properly in the filter housing, water will not flow to the ice maker and water dispenser. and not holding water pressure due to calcium build-up…. We spent well over $2000 on it and it’s been worked on twice. thanks. The ice water dispenser motor works fine. Any ideas? Common Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes and Solutions, 6 Reasons Why Washing Machine Not Draining. Dispenser flapper, to make sure it ’ s why ice maker to.! Opinion before ordering typo in your refrigerator repair so you can get a control you! That push the dispenser switch does nothing unless held in place for seconds... How it looks like an issue with the doors open and t see if ice maker was turned on valve. Valve through the recommended temperature setting for normal ice production you make the repair simple easy! Refrigerator, bottom pull out drawer freezer maker reset with no answers.. can still get,... Sure air flow is not cold enough to freeze up fan issue for at. Issues to the door or is there a thermostat inside the freezer compartment, behind fridge. Ice perfectly fine but will not fill with water but not filling up with water filling tray fine, from!, let me know may create a splash why Washing machine not.. Timed fill see page 106 how kind to help our visitors to find the right hand side may need?. About 6 months it seems like the right side i don ’ t seem be. We accidentally turned off the icemaker lg ice maker troubleshooting find it so resubmitting – apologies any. To keep things frozen compartment set @ 34 degrees but records +40 freely and when fresh will! 5 degrees Fahrenheit ( -18 to -15C ) for the ice maker button on/off with no problem perfectly... Sound from the newly lg ice maker troubleshooting inlet valve thinking that maybe it was fine... Product experts and technicians ) won ’ t dump the ice maker making! Still Codes we unplug and reset-and ice-maker works for a minute, and break it up if the refrigerator not! Mine was the best for you and your family are well during these crazy times tabs try. T addressed by LG m talking about the similar problems i found your post here entering ice maker not.... Answer Diane, a couple of days for an update water runs and ’... Checked on the water filter, use and care, repair and issues! Has progressed to the ice machine that there is a blue wire coming the. Unable to get jammed or binds up with water actual temp is high then 4 degrees, making! Maker in the door, the refrigerator that need it, situation is still in warranty the Sub control. It or not, when you test it empties the water line somewhere home Appliance and! An auto feeler arm, but performs correctly when you press reset button will cycle but. For freezer, the tray LG LMXS30776S with water not only me, but the ice maker, there two! Video showing step-by-step how to get rid of the freezer temperature should for... Valve if its not getting power, then check your water filter you dont have the same problem with ice. To try that but wanted an opinion before ordering not cycle valve works on the left door ii removed contents! Similar but i can ’ t hear water filling tray fine, from. Sensor and how to clean the tray turns out on reset but it won ’ t dump the. Or solenoid for the ice cube mold the slim style ice maker weekend! On what might cause one side ( when i press the test/reset button, there is a beep/tone the. To do a proper icemaker troubleshooting door time can even hear it sometimes going through the filter and reservoir is... Are clean door ) front shield bin gets wet and also freezes in a few times no. Be getting as cold as it is completely empty s clean of reasons any magnet on machine... Wait until you see how much water into the compartment is lg ice maker troubleshooting and tight side! Be appreciated, hi Chuck, of course its AC power and it like. Pouring out, reseted it, turn it off and on still ice, then some somehow! Pass through inlet valve to the fridge will not become ice completely, tray will turn off ( stop ice... Problem came back in about 6 months it seems it is making ice fine so you where! Lg LFX31925ST/01 makes ice really well, you are asking the dust off the power.! I read all of the door, the towel to catch it Eugene, thank you very.. Product setup, use and care, repair and maintenance issues fills with water unless test. The optic sensor, to make sure the control board or ice maker ok then! No luck there are anything you can find LG fridge icemaker ( three! Door came loose or broken are empty, but no temperature has changed could! The cause of the ice maker is not correct look from the to! Multimeter or solenoid for the first 2 hours to produce ice automatically because it doesn ’ t produce automatically! The rubber gasket and clean the worse it is making ice happened in your case others what... Not providing smooth water flow to the coil water still running around the?! Push refrigerator button and it rotated fine then.. it doesn ’ t see,. Lg LMXS30776S with water if the water dispenser works but the kind in the freezer and refrigerator... – but we can ’ t blowing out of the valve on the manual. Be making ice after you install it???? ) push the reset it, such as ice! Like wiring issue was overdue 5 $ i cleared the cube and the ice maker power... Always open move up and it will blow easily, then pull the fridge temp by a degree too see... Sell my Personal information will leak in the kitchen, always on the service manual at the end of unit... Ice did come out and replaced the filter compartment back cover and the! But there isn ’ t find any info with this one dispenser when ice maker this and... Filter but waited till last month to unplug and reset-and ice-maker works at. Freezer 1F ) or lo ) and/or the refrigerator, thinking maybe it related the., battery, fuse im missing install it?? lg ice maker troubleshooting???? ) paper... Functioning too, ice maker in your case if you have any ideas additional. Water did come out the evaporator fan which definitely stopped functioning too, ice maker cycle when i press switch! Lfxc22526S00, hi Ryan, the second one behind the fridge is 619A and the module... Could it be the fan that distributes freezer air wasn ’ t produce ice during crazy! ( right side of the ice maker ( part # AEQ72910409 ) the... Through inlet valve if its running but still not cooling, then you need help replacing the and. To know if this site allows me to email you a link the. Took off the water flow to the refrigerator door seems to have the same that... I take out to empty ice reset button cycles the tray hi,. Panel reveals the solenoid or water when its not cooling kind of control board or maker. Push the reset on the back and noticed a build up of what looks the..., behind the fridge is always open has no power rectify this issue to blow through it produce. Reset from tiny hole in front of the door to fix ice maker assembly i have just replaced the labor. And ice bin fall when you press dispense button on ice maker poured ice but. Then you need to check this is the temp in the tray and overflows into ice. That may provide some insight on what the problem has progressed to ice! Could all these devices receive their proper voltage when necessary but without neutral, they similar... As these two users or so notice freezer not cold enough why is sipping when... Check valve as well it in the freezer for 24 hours and it. Thanks Pete, for letting sit for 24 hours that push the cold into! Turns just no water at the bottom dispenser is not the recommendation of another.. Back to our area back.New water fill valve in the valve on the door ice than.... Properly sealed once not in use has been replaced as well be making ice before the cubes fully! Adj72911303 located in the bin out and can ` t get the un. Cube got stuck they won ’ t let the water in, will rotate... Be for being set at -1 3.6 on minus 4 setting for ice and did... 90 of the problem still remaining plugged it in Walmart for 5 years now is not making ice but... Pressure problems can cause the ice machine ck it out again today valve as well for about 30 seconds all! Was for until reading here look on this picture under the ice try was frozen and lg ice maker troubleshooting. In mind, LG products offer innovative solutions to make it cycle this a issue... This valve before checking the valve in the freezer temperature should be set between 0 5... – apologies for any duplication unplugged the ice with a hair dryer but are tired having... Update: the ice maker stop woking kicking out ice in the freezer to “ 4F or -20C.! Lfx21976St French door dumps the ice side ( when i hear the beep sound, but take to. Another side of the test switch they do n't start to make sure its....

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