how fast does muscle grow

I am a bit questionable about your figures though. @bartosz – Thanks a lot for the kind comment. Just limit my self to one hour workout only and not more than that. Women can cut that number in half. Thanks for very interesting blog. For instance, men have … Check out this article on Can You Lose Fat and Build Muscle At The Same Time?. I always hear/read things like ” My muscle recovery improved very much after using product x” or ” My muscles have recovered after I woke up this morning”. How To Build Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time. What if I’m a female, 25 years old, 5’7 and weigh 128 lbs. Rebuilding peaks 24 to 36 hours after training and continues at increased rates for as much as 72 hours. Really the blogging is spreading its wings rapidly. I read the article and found you can gain .25 to .5 pounds of just muscle per week and that sounds great but my question is, how much weight should I be looking to gain a week realistically in total? Am i wrong to think this? In most cases, muscle cannot be gained anywhere close to the rate some people like to make it seem like it can, or some of us just wish we could (hi guys!) Hi I am going to be going to Marine Corps OCS this coming summer and I need to get in good shape, I really need to know my best way to get in the shape I need as quickly as possible. Thanks for your advice and great newsletters/ articles. Great article! Finally, periodization is important because it can help prevent burnout. So, that’s how much muscle you can expect to gain, that’s how fast you can expect to build it, and those are the 6 main factors that can influence those amounts and what your body’s exact potential is. 1-3 pounds gained per month actually is my recommendation for guys, with the top end of that range (3lbs) being most ideal for beginners, guys in their teens/early 20’s, and/or guys with above average genetics. After a year, he’s now at around 155lb and might be capable of gaining 0.77-1.55 lbs per month (9-18 pounds per year. Thanks for demolishing the BS. BTW, I have limited access to FB due to the censorship of Cinese government, so am appreciate not refer to a FB post. Would it reduce the amount of muscle built or not? Still plenty of time. Here now are those 6 factors.. If progress sucks, a lack of recovery is one on many possible culprits. There’s a definite correlation. Ideally, this is what everyone should do regardless of genetics. I spent 3 hours at the gym 6x a week.. Im drinking the universal gain 3100 everyday is that the right thing i did or should i drink the whey protein shake?? Or would you be looking at quicker gains closer to 1-2 pounds a month? Anyway congrats mate, top job. Muscle memory is real and it makes a significant difference. How Do I Fix It? I hear ya. You see, I have started working out with two friends of mine just 10 days ago. I have a question to ask , normally i will do weightlifting around 2-3x per week , (3×20 bicep curls , 2×15 hammer curls) and I found out that , if I took a short break of maybe lets say 4days – 1 week , I find myself unable to lift as many reps as before , and I have to slowly weightlift more times per week in order to get back the strength. Am I attributing this weight gain incorrectly? * Results may vary. Meaning, an ideal muscle building workout routine and diet, an ideal amount of sleep every night, rest, recovery, consistency, lack of stress, and so on. I did win the swimsuit award for the Mrs. Connecticut competition though. If progress is going well, then you’re likely recovering well between workouts. Creating may help you increase strength and add a little bit of muscle, along with eating more protein. I have a fairly healthy standard diet, and I am on a healthy juicing program. If I have the potential to put on 40 lbs of muscle in my lifetime, would training lower body slightly less mean that more of that 40 lbs could be distributed to my upper body? Would 2 upper body and 2 legs sessions be more beneficial? Gains do tend to slow down over time, so if you’re an advanced lifter, it might take six … @james – sorry for the late reply! Additional details here. Sounds a bit odd to me. In terms of getting more calories in, I make protein shakes and just pour a ton of stuff in them like almond butter, fruit, milk, and you can easily get it up to 700-800 calorie range. I’ve seen people you have expressed admiration for suggest more, such as Christian Finn here. I’d link to it so you can see for yourself, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. How fast I will lose my muscles if i stop workout due to injury? It’s actually considered a conditioning program. “Case 2: Natural athlete can also lift that much but he won’t be around 300 lbs (let’s say around 200-210 lbs)”. Meaning, if you ever come across someone who claims to have consistently gained more muscle faster than I’ve explained is realistically possible, or a product that claims it will allow you to do the same, ignore it. @ryan – bodyweight workouts can certainly help. For starters, knowing the TRUTH about the legitimate rates and limits of muscle growth allows you to know when you’re being lied to by a product, program, supplement, or fitness guru claiming to allow you to build muscle faster than you actually can. The best bodybuilders that ever existed were strong. That will help a lot. Thanks man, glad to hear it. If your goal is to build muscle while gaining the least amount of body fat possible along the way, a guy should ideally shoot to gain a total of 1-2lbs per month. I’m saying that 25lbs of muscle is the average maximum amount a woman can expect to build, not the maximum amount of fat-free mass they can have on their body. I’m still training 43 years later, so what i chose is obvious. Comments are closed 30 days from the publication date. I’m a woman and I want to build more than 25 pounds of muscle. Each body part basically has its own genetic potential. Metabolic Training 101: Definition, Benefits, and Exercises. The surplus calories must go somewhere. I would consider working in the 8-12 rep range as well to change the stimulus and help increase strength. Hi, I’m Justin, I’m 16 years old I have been doing full body workouts for about 7 months. It is completely designed to produce the best muscle building results your body is realistically capable of getting. The exact amount of muscle you can build per week, month or year is based on a handful of individual factors specific to you. If so, I've written the ultimate guide to getting the results you want without a gym. This would mean an average male could gain somewhere between 12-24lb of muscle in a year which i find to be unrealstic. Thanks for the useful information. I get bored easily and I think my muscles are too. That’s fine. Once you’re past the beginner stage, you’re going to need a tiny surplus of calories for muscle to be built. Is there hope past 50 to regain lost muscle mass? It’s just not going to go as well as it would have gone at 20, or 30, or 40. Anyway, on to the question: do you have any rough guidelines as far as the strength required to see gains? That’s why most of the big guys at the gym have been lifting for a good 5-10 years. No, AW didn’t contradict himself. They just think they’re normal and everything typically comes that fast and easy. Hey, any advice on skinny hardgainers? Some may exceed them (rare) and some may never reach them (unfortunately true). Crap! On the bright side though, the more painful the journey is the better you will feel when you reach your goals. Regarding macro cycles you can shift from primarily strength work, to hypertrophy, to endurance, which helps your body recover and can maximize overall strength and function. So regarding on your answer above about the 500cal surplus i am confused alittle. In this case you’d just never build the full (hypothetical) 40lbs your body is capable of building. I was wondering if your recommended 1-2 pounds gain per month is a bit too conservative, especially for people within, say, 2 years of training, and that should cover of your audience. I currently train 6 times a week, 3x 1 hour cardio (5 a side soccer at a good standard) 3x 1 hour weight sessions using super setting of muscles. © 2020 BuiltLean LLC | All rights reserved. I would consider tracking your calorie intake to see how many calories you are eating versus burning. So, generally speaking, the biggest person is also usually the strongest. After fusion with the muscle fiber, some satellite cells serve as a source of new nuclei to supplement the growing muscle fiber. Sorry for a long post . Hi, Thank you very much for your question! Loving this mate, yu hit the nail on the head. But on the other hand, I’m pretty convinced that you can never be that small if you’re benching 250. mark, im quite a skinny build, and i want to tone my body get some muscle ect but dont have money to go gym is there any other way i can get big? Thanks for a straight to the point article, though most of the stuff is what I imagined, there were definitely a few mild surprises. I am concerned maybe my core should be more of a focus. What do u think about standard, linear and unlinear periodisation? I know there are many different factors in muscle growth including diet, testosterone levels and other such things, but does anyone know a rough idea of how quickly i could significantly increase the size and definition of my biceps? For the average male past the beginner stage, I’d shoot for no more than 2lbs gained per month. I couldn’t put a specific number on it, but I can tell you that you CAN and WILL be able to build muscle at 50. Why is it that there’s a specific capacity for natural muscle gain? The rest of us with our average-at-best genetics make up the large majority. If you want to get on our weekly newsletter, you can sign up here: -Kristin, BuiltLean Coach & Managing Editor. My 2 cents, I’ll be eagerly awaiting Richard Dawkins’ upcoming book on muscle growth. Im so confused with all of this… Im really depressed now and i lack self confidence everytime i go out.. Pls help me marc regarding to my case… Hope to hear from you soon…. Hey! I have a question however. Quick question: I have benn kickboxing 4 months now, 2-3 days a week. I’m confused when you say maximum a woman can hope for is up to 25 pounds… I’ve had a DEXA scan where my lean muscle mass is shown to be 46kgs, which equates to 101 pounds. While I don’t know exactly how you will be tested, if I was going to give someone an aggressive exercise program, it would look something like this: -Strength train 3x per week. I don't think its all muscle, it take atleast 6 - 12 months to gain 4 - 6 pounds of muscle. Since reading many of your articles, I have been more closely following my calorie intake. Basically, if you regularly exceed “average” I’d say you probably have above average genetics. I have not seen the scale budge even a pound. If I had to guess, I’d say that the 3 most common questions people have about building muscle (besides just how to actually build some) are: Now, I’ve seen people ask these questions and get answers like “Stop worrying about how long it will take or how fast it will happen… just shut up and lift!” I kinda see the point to that type of response, but I mostly see why it’s completely wrong. In addition, it has very favorable insertions for heavy and frequent training. A lot of people have found this site. Details here. What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast And Keep It Off? Fourth year, perhaps ONE-QUARTER pound per month. There are many articles (like this) that address this problem with the usual maximum weight gain recommendation per week/ month, but weight is a very unstable variable and can’t accurately be tracked once per week. If the answer is yes than it appears you must accept bulking with more fat over muscle compared to a genetically favored person and you will just have to loose that fat and maintain your muscle at a later stage? Person 2 – also eats correctly and will put on more or less muscle than person 1. Body weight options, dumbbell options, and resistance band options. My eating habits have been the same for years, and the only real difference is minor carb loading before working out and then a protein shake after the fact. Or there is some correlation between lifting really heavy and gaining weight?”. To make things even more complicated there are actually two ways to increase muscle. I literally said the exact opposite of that. I’m currently eating 4 meals a day, typically; Large bowl of muesli and peanut butter on toast Salmon, potatoes and salad Pasta and lean mince Baked potatoes with cooked meats and salad I have 2 protein shakes too. And for people who feel they have below average genetics, or people who are more advanced, the sweet spot drops down to 1lb per month. Research has shown you can build muscle without lifting a huge amount of weight => Build Muscle Without Heavy Weights? I definitely fell into the Tim Ferriss ‘Geek to freak’ trap when I first started working out… I did go from 128 to 135, but I was a beginner. Also, is it the same with strength, as in, if I’m already strong with not a lot of muscle, I’ll (or people like me) be progressing less strength-wise on average, or I have a starting advantage as well, just like a guy with more than average mass naturally? I’ve also seen a couple of studies that looked at this as well, and of course, I have my own 10+ years of first hand experience and real world observation to pull from, too. Sure, the huge guy on some fitness website got good results from endless sets of hammer curls–because he was doing them with 45 lb dumbbells. How big is the difference? The only exception is age. Yup, he’s pretty much the go-to guy when it comes to genetic potential. and vary the rep ranges. Wish I had seen it sooner! water, glycogen, body fat). For example, if you start out doing 3 sets of 25lb dumbbells for incline press for 12 reps, eventually you should work up to doing 12 reps at 45lb. @Kit- Ultimately, to gain muscle you need a couple things happening (1) you need to eat more calories than you burn, probably around 3000, not an easy task (2) eat around 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight can help increase muscle mass and (3) lifting heavier weights and doing more exercises over time. Im a 39 year old, ive never trained in my life, i weigh around 180 lbs and have seriously let my self go….is it too late for me to get into a decent shape, is it too late for me to build good muscle, sorry if i sound stupid. thanks for pointing out what is realistic gains. And they rarely built the bulk of their muscle size with the routines they do now. A good web site with interesting content, this is what I need. When Do Muscles Grow After Working Out With Weights? It seems that it takes a long time to tone and define. I feel very shy nd sumtyms depressd regardin my physical look..i m just 45 kg for last 5 to 6 years..der’s no change in me excpt my hair which only grows.. For example, I’m pretty convinced that you can never be that big if you’re benching 165, regardless of your sets/reps/diet whatever. My Right Side is Weaker Than My Left. You mean if your goal is to just maintain your currently levels of muscle and strength? It’s a bit unfair that the more a person seems to train the less muscle they get. This is brilliant, and it’s really a proof that sometimes the best thing to say is also the most obvious, but nevertheless is still the best thing to say since stuff that is obvious is usually overlooked by people when they have something to gain. More stuff that might affect your weight on the scale. Hey, just out of curiosity, is there a way to find out if one is a “genetic freak”? It’s time to hit the shops. example: Year 1: Potential 10, Gain 1 Year 2: Potential 5, Gain 0.5 Year 3: Potential 2.5, Gain 0.25 Year 4: Potential 1.25, Gain 0.125, Total original potential: 18.75 Total gained: 1.875. Therefor they stay with their mediocre physique for years by lifting the same dumbells every workout. Muscle Growth. There really isn’t any sure fire way of knowing this. It comes with a strict diet program, workout program and calender. 170+ home exercises to choose from, with video examples for each. And finally, if your workout and diet are set up as optimally as possible, you can definitely expect to build muscle faster than you would if your workout was less than ideal or just total crap altogether. @Stratos – I think the idea for lifting weight for muscle building and cardio for losing weight is flawed. Whether the protein comes from whey protein, or chicken breast doesn’t matter. For example: say an average-gened guy with maximum potential to gain 40 pounds of lean mass trains and eats properly and gains 50% of his max potential in year one; that means he gains 20 pounds of lean mass. Its called denial. The natural muscle growth is an ability to put more stress on muscle continually. Btw are the routines and tips and workouts etc only for hardgainers, or for fat boys with a small bone structure like moi? Are you working out at home with nothing but some resistance bands, or a few dumbbells, or just your own body weight? Given creatine is a naturally occurring substance (albeit it’s taken in very large doses), my guess is it’s not dangerous, but you never know. Or there is some correlation between lifting really heavy and gaining weight? I have brought reps down to 5/6 working as maximally as possible without poor form creeping in and I complete 4 sets using antagonistic exercises, eg bench press then reverse flyes. Everything you’ve read so far, while almost always true and accurate for most people, is based on averages and generalities. So, be it man or woman, your results suffer as a result of not truly knowing how much muscle you can gain or how long it truly takes to build it. Since then, nothing. or hope we don’t (hi girls!). Assuming a moderate surplus daily (say like 300 kcals) and also assuming this athlete has or almost reached her “genetically set limit” – so if here will be a weight gain by the end of a week (2100 kcal surplus) but very few or no muscle at all can be build, can we just assume the person will gain fat with this surplus??

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