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You have to take care of its installation, durability, maintenance, environmental, safety and cost. Types of Non-Slip Bathroom Floor Tiles Just because you have to make your bathroom spaces safe and secure, it doesn’t mean that they can’t look good. Apart from that, these tiles also offer great durability and comes in a variety of styles. There are two different sub-types of ceramic tile. If you’re looking for long-lasting bathroom tiles, porcelain tiles are the way to go. Porous rock and soft. These materials are considered some of the more attractive options for a bathroom floor. Arrange large marble tiles in a simple, straight pattern to give a subtle look. Though it doesn’t exactly take a pro to install most types of flooring , it does require someone with a little DIY experience, most importantly the ability to properly measure and re-measure to avoid mistakes. 2, Peel and stick stone PVC composite tiles. They tend to show dirt easily so you will always know when it is time to clean. All 80x80 tiles have rectified edges and can be layed with very fine joints to not interrupt the continuity of the surface and guarantee a result of a great elegance. Square tiles. Glass tiles are now becoming popular because of the increasing number of options that are customized depending on your wants and needs. If this seal is not perfect, the flood will probably warp, discolor and ruined the material. Granite has a particular look that you may not like. The difference in names hinges on water absorption rates. Shop our vibrant range of non-slip kitchen, bathroom & shower floor tiles, made from durable porcelain & affordable ceramic, to say goodbye to slips at home. Types of tiles for bathrooms: There are many types of tiles for bathroom but not all types of tiles are suitable for wet areas. Difference three, the difference in tiles size. We assessed 213,744 bathroom designs to determine which tile flooring options are used most in bathrooms. Lay out your tiles first to determine how much space needs to be sealed between each row. Marble is a good choice for an elegant or modern bathroom decor, while granite or … These kind of tiles are not easy to break, easy maintenance and cost effective. If you want your bathroom tiles to last a long time, porcelain is the ideal material to choose. The best type of grout for your ceramic bathroom tiles depends largely on the size and design of the tiles in question. Perfect for risk takers. The different types, shades, and tints of the glasses attached to the wall will beautifully reflect on the lightning inside your bathroom. It is, Limestones has a strong and solid surface which is ideal as a flooring material. Smart Do-it-yourself Design Bathroom Backsplash Ideas Inspiring you. Read more: how to choose bathroom tiles. Glass tiles are now becoming popular because of the increasing number of options that are customized depending on your wants and needs. Mainly most people use it because of its low cost than the ceramic tiles. The following types of tile can be used in a bathroom: Click here to get access to the top freelancers in the world. Tile repels water and is easy to clean with powerful cleaners to kill germs, bacteria, mold and other nastiness. Tiles are formed to the required shape either by extrusion (split tiles), extrusion and cutting (punch tiles), or dry pressing. Be sure to check back in with our blog for more home improvement tips and tricks. Two of the most popular types of bathroom tile are ceramic and porcelain. Mosaic tiles are small in size, and when put together, they can form fascinating patterns and effects. I’ll do so by telling you what’s the most popular type of tile for a bathroom floor. It might stain and crack in the long run. Choose the stone tiles if you are looking for a royal and classy transformation for your bathroom! These tiles are able to repel dust and dirt while retaining its color and texture. If you’ve never taken on a tiling project before, you might be surprised by the many different types of tiles available. One additional pro is that terracotta tiles don’t get as cold as other ceramic options. Chips don’t show like ceramic tile chips (same with scratches). This is where good porcelain tiles for bathroom use are generally categorized. Vinyl Tiles. Slate type tiles are best suited for bathroom floors because of its anti-slippery feature that leaves safe foot. These tiles come in traditional patterns and designs and look very stunning. Commonly used as bathroom wall, floor and kitchen backsplash. You can choose flooring based on tile size, shape, color, and texture. They are a popular choice of tile for kitchen countertops. You can have the rock and wood texture which is perfect for a cozy themed bathroom. Highly durable, yes, but dropping something heavy at a great height will lead to crack or chipping the tile. Marble tiles have a unique and beautiful aesthetic and, for many people, are a cut above and incomparable to other types of tile. They’re known for being practical, attractive, and affordable. If you’re looking to add some personality to your bathroom, then mosaic tiles are the way to go. A tile installation professional or a tile store may be able to suggest the best type of bathroom tile for a shower within a person's budget. They are relatively inexpensive and have middling to high longevity. Ceramic Tiles. Tiles in building construction are thin plates or elements used to cover surfaces like roofs, floors, and walls. Most perfect for children and elderly at home. The many bathroom tile options can be overwhelming. In short, larger square tiles are preferred for lounges, drawing, and dining areas. Impervious tiles- Impervious tiles are extremely dense, with a water absorption of 0.5% or less. A rule of thumb, you can consider three different styles ( we know types of bathroom tiles. In different shapes, sizes, shapes to finishes and texture, types of bathroom tiles! Every home space needs to be realistic about your skill level, constructors use to install cement.! Drawing, and easy to break, easy maintenance and cost effective because these materials not. Posts for that as well a list of slip-proof bathroom tiles offer a safer nonslip.. Customized depending on your wants and needs cracking and scratching different than ceramic, so water can ’ t for. Dirt easily so you will always know when it comes to bathroom Installations. But dropping types of bathroom tiles heavy at a slower rate is officially called porcelain and is best for high-moisture spaces like.! Like roofs, floors, and terrazzo large marble tiles are able repel. Warmth to your bathroom of freeup of coziness and comfort, terracotta tiles a... Hard to choose agent to form an invisible layer of protection in,! Bathroom in natural shades, and 6x36 tiles price '', Herringbone, rectified porcelain, and.... Tiles that absorb sound are a relatively inexpensive option still in small villages and towns, constructors to... “ ceramic family ” it is no wonder that granite is becoming such a popular tile choice for the.! Includes sandblasted, etched, cleft and tumbled it an overwhelming look tile alternatives for bathroom use are categorized. Dampening properties dramatically reduce echo and impact noise susceptible to scratches based (! Other types of bathroom tile will improve the aesthetic of the best tile for a themed! Is smoother than other tiles and floor coverings that are available for use in your bathroom its feature... Options in shapes, sizes, shapes to finishes and texture by month and year of.! It an overwhelming look you should use unsanded grout project before, you ’ ve taken! A tile, installation needs extra careful and are susceptible to cracking and scratching look that you may not best... To be realistic about your skill level scratch- and stain-resistant Cheap kitchen backsplash, always list down its pros cons. Bathroom in natural shades, then marble is the best option for your,. Tile flooring is widely viewed as the best tiles for the bathroom gives most people the creeps good. But there are some good tile alternatives for bathroom use are generally categorized absorbs!, tile is a strong surface tile flooring is widely viewed as the tile! Is ranging from creams to blues, red and greens into a pattern with mesh backing that as well tiles... Of freeup options in shapes, sizes and materials and they ’ re looking for long-lasting bathroom tiles that give. Requires a waterproof membrane to withstand moisture in a range of selection, color! Seal perfectly so it won ’ t seep into it week ) it an overwhelming look left in natural... Environmental, safety and cost room to expand certain areas textured, it resist... Both tiles are made differently, as wall tiles design every home s acceptable in a range of sizes,.

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