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The rifle is also available in several new chamberings not seen before in the MDR lineup, such as the 6.5 Creedmoor and 300 BLK. !” (as if it matters)? I believe half of all the guns they made last year were mdrs, and that number wasn’t really that high. IMO, it’s been the trigger pull that has kept me away from ALL bullpup’s, I have seen and tried many, to date NONE have been desirable due to this factor. I watched a video from gun Jesus( forgotten weapons) where, he got a LOTS of malfunctions with the MDRX … 1 History 2 Design Details 3 Ammunition 4 Variants 5 Gallery 6 References The MDR was first shown off by Desert Tech in 2014 at the 2014 SHOT Show. To me i love the scar series in theory but they just didn't offer value for the cost. However, it definitely isn’t comparable to Desert Tech’s precision bolt-action rifles. The MDRX is the next generation rifle from Desert Tech, building on the already popular MDR rifle released in 2016. The side eject version of the MDRX is a less expensive option that also weighs less by .5 lbs. In my life time we have restored rights that did not exist when I was 21.I hope from the next world I can see what people like you accomplished when you are my age. Desert Tech, RDB (and RFB) barrels have an attachment point with the front hand guard which causes the barrels to flex under pressure such as putting your hand there, placing it on a sandbag, or resting it on a bipod. He also get’s a lot of enjoyment out of building or customizing his firearms and equipment. Fairly new to the forum, but long time lurker. The MDR hits the mark, is excellently manufactured and is very user-friendly: a technical delicacy, as it's fully ambidextrous and also with the highlight of the tool-free case ejection side change. Garbage? Describing the Desert Tech MDR as a .308 Winchester bullpup semi-automatic rifle is far too simplistic. Again, choose whichever method you prefer. This warranty applies to any customer in the U.S.A or Canada. … Now outfitted with a new desert tech Ratchet compensator, reducing muzzle rise to … The Desert Tech MDRx (Micro Dynamic Rifle) is a compact semi-automatic rifle with a bullpup design conceptually similar to the Tavor. Features: The overall length of the Desert Tech MDRx is just 26” when using a 16” barrel and weighs only 7.12-7.5 lbs. Let me get this straight… You’re a gun owner, and you’re complaining about people buying cool and innovative guns instead of old hunting rifles? The MDR as described by DTech will be more accurate than the RDB. More to come...#deserttech #tomorrowsweapons #MDRX #300blk And that is without noting that there are aftermarket barrel options. MDRX's are now shipping in a shoulder carried soft case. The MDRX is the next generation rifle from Desert Tech, building on the company's already popular MDR rifle released in 2016. Desert Tech upgraded its MDR bullpup-rifle lineup in 2020 with its all-new MDRX. More Videos Like This One: View All Classic Firearms Videos Here; Our best sales and surplus - direct to your inbox! Just over 2 lbs. Desert Tech is a top dog in this niche market that is constantly releasing innovative and quality products: and I have their newest release, the MDRX (Micro Dynamic Rifle Extreme) in 6.5 Creedmoor. A longer barrel will also emit less muzzle flash than a shorter comparator which is important for staying concealed. Desert Tech A1 Covert Rifle Clearance. testades i vapentidningen Nr.2 2020. Chambered in either 5.56mm or 7.62x51mm, its ejection can be swapped from … a 20” barrel, shark fin grip, 10 rd magazine, and a muzzle compensator. You can do a Google search to see the early negative reviews and why the rebuild was necessary. I don’t think it is likely IWI will offer other calibers whereas the MDR is relative easy to change. With upgraded stronger polymer, lighter and cleaner trigger, a better vented gas-block to allow for drainage in case of submersion. Coverage Sponsored by MDT - Patreon - Donate! The new ratchet compensator reduces recoil by over 50% and eliminates muzzle rise for greater overall accuracy. It is designed to function with .223 Wylde Side Eject or Forward Eject calibers in .223 Wylde (.223 Rem or 5.56 Nato), .308 Win (7.62x51 Nato), .300 Blackout, and 6.5 Creedmoor all in the same platform. The MDRX seems to be shooting at just over 1 MOA…, So, IMHO, if minute-of-man accuracy is good for the military than I don’t mind it being the bare minimum for me and since most firearms can be modified to shoot better, I don’t mind my minimum being there, I’d like to see it run through dirt water sand storms before it’s okay too much internally covered uncleanable. About the author: What you know about guns can comfortably fit in a mosquito’s a$$. One of its selling features is quick and easy caliber conversions, though no factory conversions have been available (and just one aftermarket 6.5 Creedmoor option). loosen the Torx head screws on either side of the handguard and then punch the pin on the underside of the handguard through. 1. from 3,395.00. sale. and just enough creep to notice if you are really looking for it, otherwise it is imperceptable. Handguard not alignment with receiver. Bought an X95 and love it! He’s just an agitator stirring the pot and trying to get a reaction…. Desert Tech. Sincerely, Nicholas Young CEO, Desert Tech Additionally, gas block drainage on the MDRX has been improved to dramatically increase reliability after submersion in mud and water. And if it means much to you, I would depend on the MDRX for this purpose and it would be high on my list of preferences. The MDRX can be converted within a few minutes to any of the available calibers. Desert Tech’s warranty will allow you to return your firearm and get it fixed or replaced at no expense. Yes, you are correct in noticing that this is a mixture of small and large frame calibers. Even though it sounds like I just bashed the trigger on the MDRX, I would place it above most semi-auto bullpup triggers that I have used. After firing several hundred rounds through the MDRX, I became familiar with how it felt. You sound like another Libturd that just happens to own a gun because you haven’t voted yourself out of one yet. Originally slated to enter production in 2015, it was not actually produced until 2017 when people began to start regarding the MDR as vaporware. Its compact size and superior ergonomics maximize its portability without sacrificing speed, power, or precision. California firearms laws and District of Columbias firearms laws. However, since January, 2020, DT has had my money and still not delivered the conversion kit. The Design of the Desert Tech MDR. #repost ・・・ Desert Tech SRS-A2 308W (bössan till vänster). And personally, due to “anecdotal reports” from a number of end users – I’ll TRUST MY LIFE TO MY IWI…, I did notice the spec weight was 9.2 but as tested was 12 lbs….. would really like to know what the difference was…. Adjusting the gas block on the MDRX’s short-stroke piston system is great for tuning your particular rifle to specific ammunition, or decreasing gas for use with a suppressor. Both have had issues but honestly both companies have been very solid with their warranties. I thought I would share my experience with the MDR for people who are looking at them now. The MDR and MDRX are so similar that you can interchange any part between the two. Doubtful. The Design of the Desert Tech MDR. MDRX rifles now feature an upgraded polymer resin formula for enhanced durability against high impact falls. New for 2020, the Desert Tech MDRX, takes the company’s revolutionary bullpup rifle design to the next level. The rifle is a prime example of human ingenuity and true innovation. And a “lifetime warranty” really isn’t important – if the rifle sits over at DT forever. As it currently stands, I’m running my Tavor X95 and Scar 16 in competition and am looking to use the MDR in my 2019–2020 competition season as the go-to 556 rifle if Desert Tech catches up with their roll out plans.

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