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For many, it often feels like everything hinges on the outcome. The U.S. Coast Guard has basic training, or boot camp, like any other … 2703 MARTIN LUTHER KING JR AVE SE In recent times the Coast Guard’s role has changed to meet this, with an increased focus on a number of key security areas including smuggling, illegal immigration and, more importantly, the perceived and actual threat from terrorism. “ASSIGNMENT TO DUTY” • Assignment to duty is important if you are injured. Upon graduating from OCS in 1994, he reported to Air Station New Orleans. For U.S. Coast Guard Coronavirus (COVID-19) information please click here. To access the CG PSC-EPM PORTAL page, click HERE Contact information is available on each CG PORTAL page. ACTION. Coast Guard OCS is a highly-specialized 17-week course that is held twice a year, in January and August. The Coast Guard has long specialized in effective container inspections, which is the reason the Coast Guard received this mission.RAID has … Rear Admiral Meredith L. Austin Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Incident Command and Control within the Office of the Assistant Secretary Preparedness and Response (ASPR) No? The Coast Guard has a wide variety of assignments possible. Assignments and Authorized Absences, COMDTINST M1000.8A. However, seeing combat is unlikely and most service members of the Coast Guard spend their duty inside the United States. The Coast Guard designs the interview process to evaluate character, leadership potential, communication skills, and, commitment to health and well-being. His subsequent assignments include Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak; the Coast Guards Exchange Officer to the Royal Air Force (RAF); H65 Standardization Instructor Pilot at Aviation Training Center Mobile; the Naval Command and Staff College; US Northern Command, where … Army: Fort Polk, Louisiana. Known as “out-of-specialty” assignments, you might attend law school, head up a new interagency team or be chosen for a high-visibility assignment at the White House or with Congress. Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership Directorate (CG-12), Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4), Shore Infrastructure Logistic Center (SILC), Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, The Office of Information Management (CG-61), Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions (CG-9), Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, CAC-2 ASSIGNMENTS: MK, DC, EM, PATFORSWA & MIPF-TAG, CAC-3 ASSIGNMENTS: HS, MU, PA, SK, YN, CS, Health Services Technician (HS) Assignments, CAC-4 ASSIGNMENTS: AVIATION (AET, AMT, AST), IS, MST, OS, Marine Science Technician (MST) Assignments, CAC-5 ASSIGNMENTS: SPECIAL ASSIGNMENTS, ET, IT, NON-RATE & A-SCHOOL, WOMAN AFLOAT ASSIGNMENT COORDINATOR, Electronics Technician (ET) Assignments for ET3 to ET1, Information Technology (IT) and Chief Electronics Technician (ETC) and Above. The term Flag Officer is more common within the Navy and Coast Guard rank structure and is used to identify service members who have reached the rank of Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, and Rear Admiral Lower Half.. Below you'll find all the information you need for graduation and the Coast Guard boot camp dates for 2020. Hey, I'm currently a high school sophomore and have had my heart set on joining the coast guard for years. Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Assignments Webpage, Assistant Commandant for Human Resources (CG-1), Civilian Human Resources, Diversity and Leadership Directorate (CG-12), Assistant Commandant for Engineering & Logistics (CG-4), Shore Infrastructure Logistic Center (SILC), Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation, The Office of Information Management (CG-61), Assistant Commandant for Acquisitions (CG-9), Research, Development, Test and Evaluation, Reserve Gold and Silver Badge Assignments, Submission of Reserve "A" School Requests. Most importantly, the military branch uses the process to look at applicant abilities to embody the … To be in any rate you must complete A school. Captain Sasser completed Boot Camp at Training Center Cape May in 1986 and reported to Group Fort Macon and later Station Swansboro as a drilling reservist. Coast Guard Boot camp will be mentally and physically challenging as recruits will learn about the importance of hard work and working together as a team. WASHINGTON DC  20593-7200. The President of the United States can (and has) also deploy the Coast Guard as support for the U.S. Navy during times of war. Assignments were determined by the person's aptitude, previous training, work experience, personal preferences and the needs of the Coast Guard. Good for you. Committed  to assigning the right people, to the right positions, at the right time, while balancing Service, unit, and member needs. All Coast Guard unit commanders, commanding officers, officer-in-charge, deputy/assistant commandants, and chiefs of headquarters staff elements must comply with the provisions of this Commandant Change Notice. Each rating has an individual CENTRAL ASSIGNMENT COORDINATOR (CAC), who is responsible for managing specific ratings/assignments. The remainder head straight to flight school or operational shore units. Ever hear of Leesville, Lousiana? It is recommended that members with access to the Division 6 website use the The assignment officer will review the individual’s education, experience, qualifications, and their expressed assignment interests, to issue orders to a position at a Coast Guard field unit position that best aligns the selectee’s talents and potential with the needs of the Coast Guard. You can use the simple calculator below to see basic and drill pay for an Ensign, or visit our Coast Guard pay calculator for a … Coast Guard boot camp, where recruits will transform from a civilian to a United States Coast Guardsman. Welcome to the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve Assignments Webpage. Within the U.S. military there are both enlisted service members, and service members that hold officer ranks. Management of Assignments: PSC-RPM-2 is the sole authority for permanent change of station (PCS) assignments for Coast Guard members serving in the Selected Reserve (SELRES). Active-duty Coast Guard Forces serve where the Coast Guard needs them. Internet release is authorized. Overall, instruction includes leadership development and management with an emphasis on Coast Guard missions, nautical science, and fundamental military training. Coast Guard Assignments The Coast Guard has Installations, Bases, and Air Stations throughout the continental United States East Coast, Gulf Coast, Great Lakes and Pacific. Coast Guard Ensign Pay Calculator Starting pay for an Ensign is $3,287.10 per month, with raises for experience resulting in a maximum base pay of $4,136.40 per month. You may even have to deploy for long periods of time overseas and not in the continental United States. • Administratively impractical for CG to issue orders for all authorized activities. With few exceptions, Coast Guard specialty expertise is in high demand and leads directly to employment in … Officers face the rigors of training Even though they were fewer in number, SPAR officers also had to face the same rigors of training as the enlisted women. Whether you're headed to Coast Guard boot camp soon, or know someone who will be here is everything you need to know about the … COMDTINST M1000.8A April 1, 2018 Requesting Assignment; Assignment and Rotation Requirements The Sea Is Your Office You will simply do non-rate duties which include all of what Cooch mentioned. Assignments could be aboard one of the many cutters, at a support station, on a flight crew, or at an air station. Welcome Aboard! The Coast Guard’s organization parallels that of the U.S. Navy, and Coast Guard ranks and ratings are identical to those of the Navy. James Milton Loy (born August 10, 1942) is a retired United States You also won't be "assigned" to any rate while waiting on the list for your chosen rate. Some Coast Guard assignments, such as patrol duty, can stretch over weeks at a time. Coast Guard Reserve was established in 1939. Lastly, because the Coast Guard is responsible for interdicting drug traffic, illegal immigration and protecting against terrorist threats, the job can be hazardous. To give a little background: During the assignment process, a “shopping list” of available positions is published. Mission Timeframes for submission are included in the ALCGRSV Assignment Year (AY) Kickoff Messages. Resources. The Coast Guard … The two services’ uniforms are also similar. When you join the military, Coast Guard included, even though it is part of Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense, you know going in that you will be stationed at a place where the branch of service needs you. The Coast Guard functions as the coastal defense, search and rescue, and maritime law enforcement for the United States. Each rating has an individual CENTRAL ASSIGNMENT COORDINATOR (CAC), who is responsible for managing specific ratings/assignments. The Coast Guard headquarters element supports the Coast Guard Intelligence enterprise through planning, policy, programming, budgeting, training, security, and information systems support. Command Concerns: PSC-RPM-2 collects and manages Assignment Year Command Concerns. Reserve Coast Guardsmen generally serve at a Coast Guard unit within 100 miles of their residence. ENLISTED PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT For Department of Homeland Security Coronavirus (COVID-19) information please click here. Nothing impacts Coast Guard life and a service member’s career quite like the assignment process. In most cases, for those activities not covered by Coast Guard orders, verbal assignment to duty or an email assignment to duty is sufficient. 2. CG-2 oversees an intelligence enterprise of roughly 1,500 personnel, active duty and civilian, assigned across the United States and the world. I'm hoping to get accepted into the academy, although I've heard it's very difficult. The USCG is headed by a Coast Guard admiral who is appointed by the president. Use the assignments accordion menu below to access your rating's page on CG PORTAL. • Refer to AUXMAN, Chapter 5 … Whether your recruit is graduating in a few weeks or has just begun their journey at Cape May Coast Guard Training Center, it's never too early to start planning your trip to Coast Guard Boot Camp Graduation. Living in a swamp is … In my opinion if there is only one or two things that the Coast Guard does that interest you it may not be for you. US COAST GUARD STOP 7200 This Manual establishes Coast Guard policy and procedures concerning military personnel assignments and authorized absences. Your First Assignment Ninety percent of new Ensigns go to sea as Deck Watch Officers or Engineers in Training. In the case of verbal assignment to duty it is the responsibility of the assigning officer to document that assignment. The official website for the U.S. Coast Guard. Culinary Specialist (CS) What They Do: Culinary Specialists are exactly what they sound like; they’re … All information regarding enlisted assignments may be found on the individual rating pages located on the CG PORTAL (CaC required). I'm currently in student government, compete nationally in classical guitar, and volunteer at least 10 hours a month (typically with the Red Cross).

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